PC Barry the Bear is the police officer in Opposite Town.

PC Barry the Bear,

Appearance and personalityEdit

PC Barry is a brown bear with orange ears. He wears a blue hat with a black platform and a blue polo shirt with a black tie and a gold star badge on right (when he turns right, it turns left.) He is very patient and keeps the peace on long and short street. He solves problems with a cup of tea, as shown on his own song, featuring Gillie , Harry , Lino , Zandra and Patrick .

Starring Roles and reasons whyEdit

Lost and Found - He stars, because Harry and Toto found a tea-pot.

Over and Under - He stars, because Harry was naughty going in the building site.

Freeze and Melt - He stars, because the ice-sculpture on Harry's garden melted.

Dark and Light - He stars,because Harry was stuck on space.